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The Smash Bros Logo is owned by Nintendo for Super Smash Bros series. This image consists only of simple geometric shapes or text. It does not meet the threshold of originality needed for copyright protection, and is therefore in the public domain.
We assume you have consent to upload a game logo, or is of your own. Logos without permissions of their owners will be removed. The resultant video can be downloaded and shared.
The resulting video cannot be deleted by the user. To request a deletion, the user must expressly request the deletion via email.

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The resulting video is property of Smash Leak, the user has permission to share the link, download the video for personal use or upload it to third party platforms as long as it is not edited, cutting credits or removing the watermark..

Smash leak reserves the right to eliminate videos that violate morals and good customs, such as obscene acts or discrimination of any kind, as well as taking measures to block IP, Mac Address, or others. In case of severe infractions, all data collected will be delivered to the competent authorities.