How to generate a Smash Leak video

Generating a video in Smash Leak is quite simple, in short, you just need an image, a music and a few seconds. Everything else will be done automatically. Below we explain a little more detail the steps to follow.

Step 1: Select a saga image

You need the picture of a logo of your game, the franchise or whatever you like. So you have two alternatives: Search in internet for an image, download and upload it, or copy the direct link.
This step is the most important and is required, if you do not choose an image your video will not be generated.
Please note that you have to complete only one of the two fields, that is, if you attach a file you do not need to use a link, and vice versa.

Step 2: Select the music

The music will sound along with the logo, this effect is very classic, so a video without music is simply boring. While this step is not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you do so.
As in the previous steps, you should only use one of the two alternatives of the form, via YouTube video or by uploading the mp3 directly. Keep in mind the following: Only the first few seconds of the video will be used, so if the video you chose starts with a few seconds of silence or effects that you don't expect, then that will be reflected in the final video. Be careful when choosing a video, choose one whose music starts immediately.

Step 3: Generate the video

Step 3 is the easiest of all. You must choose a name for the video (which will appear in the link that you can share) and your name for the credits. These fields are also optional, keep in mind that if you do not complete your name, the creative user will appear as "Anonymous" and a generic title will be used for your video.
Keep in mind that the use of foul language will cause immediate removal of the video.

Step 4: Just wait!

Depending on the number of people online, this process can take only a few seconds or a few minutes. Do not despair and be patient. Your video will also be processed if you close the window, however, you will not be able to know the link.
For this reason, it is recommended that while the video is generated keep the window open, you can leave the process in the background and continue browsing the internet, at the end, the tab will redirect you to your video.